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With a mission to provide healthy and pure options, we started Cane 4 U in September, 2015. ‘We’ here refers to Sujith, Gowtham and Chandru. Our passion towards cultivating a healthy lifestyle for all to follow led to the opening of this natural juice shop. Before we began our outlet, we addressed the common issues faced by the roadside cane juice shops, and the most prevalent one, was the machine used, and the ‘lack of hygiene’ image it portrayed.

Here at Cane 4 U, the juicer is a high grade stainless steel machine with basic filters along with a few improvisations made by Sujith. Gowtham and Sujith are cousins and together run a foundry unit.

Next issue is probably the ‘purity’ factor of sugarcane juices. We refer the pure sugarcane juice that we get as ‘natural cane'. It forms the basis for all the mocktails offered at the shop. We are proud to assure that we use no processed sugar, we add no water or milk at all. The sweetness for all other blends comes from this natural cane juice. So, our juice is completely pure.

Finally, we addressed the ‘freshness’ of the Cane juice we produce. The juice is made on order, Sugarcane juice has a shelf life of only an hour and a half even under refrigeration, so it cannot be made ahead of time and stored. Therefore, we offer only the freshest of Cane Juice at all our outlets.

We are planning to transition to Organic Sugarcane soon. We are farmers ourselves, and are into Organic lemons at the moment. Our vision is to make children and youngsters these reach to pure organic juices rather than their aerated counterparts. Our future holds ideas such as mobile juice production and distribution outlets.

As far as waste management goes, the waste sugarcane pulp is a major ingredient in the paper cup manufacturing industry, and we definitely want to go down that route in the near future.



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